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August 4, 2012
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Father!RomanoXChild!Reader~Help Me...Part 1
****3 years old****
~Your POV~

A single scream echoed through the streets that night,it was 8 pm, and you were running as fast as you could. You were running from your home,the reason, you were abused.

Your father constantly hit you and your mother did nothing. You felt tears falling down your face as you ran. You needed to find somewhere to hide or someone to help you,you could hear your father yelling behind you.

You looked back and saw he was catching up. You screamed and ran to the nearest house. You began banging on it screaming for help,you began crying harder.You scratched at the door in vain screaming at the top of your lungs.

"Help me!",you cried. "What the hell do you want?",asked a man throwing open the door. "Help me!",you cried and clung to his leg. "What the-",he was cut off by your father. "Give me my kid back right now!",he yelled. "Wh-what?",he asked looking down at you and saw your bruised arms.

"Don't let him take me!",you cried. "Shut up!",yelled your father. "No,you hurt her,now leave.",said the man. "Not till you give my kid back!",said your father reaching for you. "NO!",you screamed and ran into the house.

You ran through the house and found a couch. You hid behind it shivering.You could here yelling and the door slamming. Then heared footsteps walking around the house.

"Ugh, child,where did you go?",he grumbled. "Ve,brother,who vas it at ve door?",asked another voice. "Feliciano,shut up for five minutes,I am trying to find the little girl,she was screaming cause her dad beat her,then ran into the house and I made him regret hurting her. Now help me find her!",snapped the man.

"Ve,sorry brother I vill help!",cried the other boy. "Good,now don't scare her,she is terrified already.",said the other man who had helped you. "Ve okay!",he cried.

You sat their shivering,eyes wide in terror, why were they looking for you? Did that man save you so he could beat you too? Or was he planning to do worse?

Suddenly, the man who had helped you stepped out from the other side of the couch and smiled at you. You curled up into the fetal position,scared of him,but got a closer look at him. He had kind light brown eyes,dark brown hair wth a curl on the right side of his head,he wore a tan uniform with a maroon top and navy blue tie.

"Hey its okay,I wont hurt you.You can come out.",he said offering his hand. "O-okay...",you whimpered and took his hand. "Feliciano I found her!",yelled the man picking you up and holding you. "Ve! I can meet her!",cried the boy called Feliciano and he dashed into the room."Ve,brother Romano! She is so cute!Ve, I feel so bad that she was hurt!",cried Feliciano.

You blinked and rested your head on Romano's shoulder,you felt safe in his arms,like nobody could touch you,let alone hurt you. You gazed at Feliciano, he had lighter brown hair that had a curl on the left side of his head and he had golden eyes and it seemed he always smiled.

"Me too....well,what are we going to do?She needs a home.",Romano said. "Ve,a foster home?",asked Feliciano. "No! No!No! I don't wanna get hurt more!Daddy used to say that they were way worse!",you cried clinging to Romano's shirt and you started crying. "Alright,shush, it's okay. It was only a suggestion.And what is your name?",said Romano.

"O-okay....and it is ______",you whimpered. "Wait!Ve,what if she lived with us?",cried Feliciano interrupting Romano's response. "That sounds fine and that is a beautiful name",said Romano,Feliciano nodding at the comment. "Thank you!",you said smiling."Alright, Feliciano,but what about the meetings?",asked Romano. "Uhhhh we can find a sitter...",said Feliciano. "Alright,your job.",said the italian before walking upstairs with you.

"I am tired...",you said. "I know,you can sleep in my room.",said Romano taking you to his room. "Thank you....",you murmmured sleepily. "Your welcome.",he said.

He put you in bed and smiled at you. He kissed your forehead and began walking toward the door only to get stopped by you.

"Romano,can you sleep with me? I dont like to be alone,it reminds me of before I came here!",you cried and he turned around smiling. "S-sure...",he said blushing in embarrasment.

Romano climbed into bed and wrapped his arms around you. You let out a sigh and closed your eyes.

"Night Papa....",you said and then sleep engulfed you.
Doing 2 at a time now,but I most likely will finish the Father!Russia X Child!Reader first....this was just something that popped into my mind yep,I tried to make it sweet.
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